Welcome to the Future is Straight!

Anna Emilie Groth, Fredrik Hatlestrand, Karete Jacobsen Meland, Tor Kjetil Edland

1h room party for Organisers & Designers, Players, Beginners, Anyone interested in the subject

Come have a taste of how it is being a queer teenager at the larp the Future is Straight - without the judging looks and conversion part. There will be gendered snacks, red and blue props, introduction to our sex technique, and queer flirting (and janitors..). The party is for EVERYONE - previous players, those who are curious, and you!

If you want, wear something red and/or blue (not a requirement). There will be music (dancing), and a voluntary demonstration of tFiS-sex technique (max. 15 minutes).

 Mingling, dancing, talking, reminiscing about the larp, pepp for future runs.

Sun 22:00 – 22:45 Operetten


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