Frida Lindegren, Jesper Holmén Notander

1h room party for Anyone interested in the subject

To party at Trespass! you need to get past the serious and all seeing customs officers protecting the premisses from illicit party goers. Not on the list? find another way in. Any disguise or way of hiding your entry is allowed, the officers are easily distracted but unbribable. This party is about getting inside and helping people get in.

Disguises in any form, carpets to be rolled up in, hemp sacks to hide in, a big plant to stand behind, amphora, suitcases, or a trenchcoat for that extra level of incognito. Your creativity is the limit, the bar is low. A suitable distraction or help from inside will also do the trick.

 Fun. Party. Slapstick. Silliness. Bad disguises and worse hiding places.

Sat 20:00 – 20:45 Solot


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