Borders - a Fiume Crisis Larp

Balint Mark Turi, Fanny Hajdú, Matija Mihoković, Miroslav Wranka

Larp for Players, Anyone interested in the subject

BORDERS is a black box larp centered on the experience of frontier and boundaries. Starting from the historical facts that happened in Fiume in 1920, the game revolves around the concept of barriers. Guided by an essential scenario, made up of symbols, lights and a continuous audio track.

Themes: incommunicability, isolation, frustration, impotence flavored with dark humor, empathy, connection. TRIGGER WARNINGS: Darkness/Blindfold, Badges as mean of identification, Being trapped, Gas leak, Loud sound effects

 What happens if you are separated from the people you love? What is a border? Are borders an imposition or a free choice? And also: how do you recognize your limits? How do you get the instruments to cross them?

Sat 13:00 – 16:45 Solot 8/8


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