Heavy Mëtal Fight Club - techniques for violence

Kirsi Oesch, Nina Teerilahti, Tonja Goldblatt

Workshop for Organisers & Designers, Anyone interested in the subject

In the workshop we practice techniques from the Heavy Metal Regency larp Debÿtante Moshpit by the Kimera Artist Collective e.g. the Paper Shrapnel Fighting and Postponing Confrontation. The heavy metal atmosphere allows for aggression in a safe environment. The techniques give you a physical feeling of aggression, and look good. Come fight with us!

There will be some physical activity, like walking around and throwing paper shrapnel at others angrily. There will be loud shouting and aggressive behavior towards others. Threatening words and gestures, bad attitudes, violence as fun.

 We want to offer people who have been brought up not to act aggressively the chance to play with aggression and violence in a safe and fun environment

Sat 19:00 – 19:45 Verdefoajen 39/40


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