Equinox Retreat

Sandy Bailly

Larp for Players, Anyone interested in the subject

In an alternative reality, the turning point of your life is exactly in the middle of it. At the equinox of your life, a symbiotic creature appears. It is an external representation of your emotions and your relations, and you find yourself in a retreat to learn how to behave with your companion, so you can face the second half of your life.

There will be sound (music and diegetic announcements) in this larp, but no sudden sound effects. It's a larp in which touch will play a part: light touch of other participants, but also touch of your own companions and those of others. We will be using cuddly blobs to represent our companions. In case of sensory issues with touch and cuddly items, you may have an issue with this larp. There will be light movement: no intense movement, but gentle moving around, physically interacting with others. There will be speech: it's not a speech heavy game, but there will be plenty of conversations.

 This is a low drama larp about impactful relationships, mid-life and acceptance.

Sun 14:00 – 18:45 Sonaten 11/11


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