Mystical Relationships and Participatory Arts

Aron Birtalan, Gabriel Widing, Maren Wolf

Workshop for Organisers & Designers, Players, Beginners, Scholars, Anyone interested in the subject

Drawing from medieval mystical theology, and contemporary feminist discourses on death, erotics and grief, this workshop explores how participatory art experiences (including larps) can be spaces, where intimate relationships with the unknown can take seed - and explore their afterlives as organic, living artworks, beyond said experiences.

This workshop is suitable for anyone interested, regardless of their professional background or experience. We will use some artistic and academic terminology, but will do our best to go easy on them and introduce each term properly. The workshop includes: Talking and playing with ideas of death, dying, weird Christian theology, human bodies, grief and the afterlife in an imaginative and poetic manner // Dim lighting at times // Wearing fabric veils // Listening to amplified music

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 We will explore the aesthetics and erotics of mystical relationships in larp and art, and how to consider these relationships as living artworks.

Sat 19:00 – 20:45 Studion 30/30


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