Role-Playing from Japan: Hands-on Play Session

Björn-Ole Kamm, Keiko KATO, Kohei KATO, Sabine Schenk

Workshop for Players, Anyone interested in the subject

Beginning with “Brave Little Rice-Cooker TRPG” and an educational Ninja-Larp, we will introduce interested players to various indie and commercial non-digital role-playing games from Japan. We offer shorter test-play sessions of games participants are interested in and share information about larps and TRPGs not (yet) available outside Japan.

If interested in TRPG play, please bring writing utensils and, if you have with you anyway, some dice. We cannot offer a full larp, so no need for costumes but also not discouraged! Number of participants refers to maximum of possible play sessions. Browsing the material we bring allows for more people.

 Short TRPG scenarios and/or introduction to Japanese larp rules, depending on their interests.

Sat 16:00 – 18:45 Operetten 12/12


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