Cegos, Surdos e Mudos (Blind, Deaf and Dumb)

Leandro Godoy

Larp for Organisers & Designers, Players, Beginners, Anyone interested in the subject

Participants will experience a story about trauma, beginnings and friendships, inspired by The Who's "Tommy" album; in the feature film "Almost Famous" by Cameron Crowe and in the episode "Just good friends" from the TV series Comedy of Private Life, by Luis Fernando Veríssimo and Adaptation Guel Arraes. A larp by Confraria das Ideias

More info here: https://nordiclarp.org/2022/05/26/the-use-of-music-as-a-magical-element-for-the-larp-experience/

 playing a Brazilian larp, in an experience that seeks an intimate look at friendships, about what we don't talk to each other, aging and complicity.

Sun 14:00 – 18:45 Studion 6/12


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