Self Esteem and sexiness projection

Mireya Harillo Gámez

Workshop for Anyone interested in the subject

Have you ever wanted to catch another person’s attention while larping? Boost your self esteem as a tool to add a new skill to your character: sexyness. In this workshop we’ll work on our self conscience, projecting our essence and learning some practical tricks to connect with others. Let’s have fun together and mostly focus on ourselves!

It’s not mandatory but I’d highly recommend wearing clothes that make them feel sexy or, at least, gorgeous. And comfortable if possible. We’ll move across the room but we won't perform any hard movements. If someone needs to be sitting the whole or part of the workshop time it’ll be also ok.

 My wish is that people can find their value and project them. For this, the sensual point is not that important but knocking down their ‘I cannot’, ‘I am not’ and setting free their appeal through awakening the self conscience of their strengths. I believe this is something we should all work in during our life and it could help not only for improving our larping skills but also as a good confidence exercise. I would love that when the workshop is done, attendants leave feeling greater and bigger than when they joined it and they can apply what they have learnt both in their games and real life.

Sun 11:00 – 12:45 Sonaten 20/20


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