"Fortitude" larp - the art of adaptability

Zbigniew Janczukowicz

Talk/panel for Organisers & Designers, Scholars, Anyone interested in the subject

"Fortitude #LarpForClimate" is a highly adjustable educational larp: from 5 to 35 players, from 60 to 240 minutes, age from 13 to 99, for fun or for teaching. I have facilitated it over a dozen times, I want to share design and logistic methods and decisions implemented to provide the experience for varied groups of players in various context.

I am to involve larp designers, producers and facilitators in an interactive discussion. I will use quiz questions and ask for their own case examples. No preparation needed on the participants' side. I will provide links to on open-source educational larp scenario ("Fortitude") and invite the participants to the international Larp For Climate initiative, which is freshly starting in 2022.

More info here: http://nausika.eu/fortitude/

 I will talk about the calibration of larp to various needs and context, leading to an interactive discussion based on participants' own experience.

Sat 15:00 – 15:45 Musikalen


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