Music Creatures Cafe

Jonathan Goldsmith, Nina Runa Essendrop

Social for Beginners, Anyone interested in the subject, Other

The Music Creature Café is a participatory experience about musicality and meeting with beings who perceive the world differently from yourself. You got an invitation from a silent friend to come to a strange café to meet the Music Creatures. This experience is connected to the larp “Music Creatures”, and you will be interacting with the players.

This larp involves a lot of movement. We are happy to work with any accessibility needs, if players can let us know in advance. This larp involves music.-- The volume will range from quiet to loud. THIS PROGRAM ITEM IS ALSO SCHEDULED IN THE STUDIO, PARALLELL TO THE LARP. MEETUP OUTSIDE THE STUDIO.

 Being invited into a fiction with a very light alibi. Relating through non-verbal communication. Experiencing learning musicality through relationship

Sat 17:00 – 17:45 Alternative rooms 14/15


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