Music Creatures

Jonathan Goldsmith, Nina Runa Essendrop

Larp for Players, Anyone interested in the subject

Music Creatures is an immersive, poetic, physical larp. You will play the silent Music Creatures who move, breathe, communicate and experience the world through music and sound. For many years they have secretly blended into human societies, but this night they have chosen to open up one of their secret meeting places to a few invited human guests.

This larp involves a lot of movement. We are happy to work with any accessibility needs, if players can let us know in advance. This larp involves music.-- The volume will range from quiet to loud. If possible, please be dressed in comfortable black clothes, that you can move in.

 Experiencing the world using the logic of 'musicality'. Experiencing the vulnerability in revealing your non-human musical self to a 'normal' world.

Sat 14:00 – 18:45 Studion 14/15


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