Ukrainian larpers: Staying together in time of war

Anastasiia Zotova, Anastasiya Kuznyetsova, Daria Kroshka, Kateryna Esterle, Max Tiseyko

Talk/panel for Anyone interested in the subject

We are Ukrainian larpers. We played, crafted swords and costumes, and created a beautiful community. February 24th our magic circle was shattered. Now some of us are fighting on the frontlines, or volunteering, gathering aid, and delivering it across the continent. But the things we learned during our play helped many of us to survive and adapt.

 Come to this lecture to hear our stories - about the larps we’ve made before, about the reality we’re dealing with right now, and about our friends who are no longer with us.

Sat 11:00 – 12:45 Musikalen


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