Conversations on Feminist Larping

Anneli Friedner

Discussion forum for Organisers & Designers, Players, Anyone interested in the subject

What does feminism in larping mean and how to do it? How do you design a feminist larp, and how do you participate as a feminist player - in larps and in a larp community? Let's explore these topics together and share different perspectives and approaches. Bring your experiences, questions and your will to share thoughts and listen to others.

If you think that feminism in larp is not a good idea, this is probably not the program item for you. Different perspectives on what feminism in larp is and should be are very welcome, though.

 Hopefully, have some interesting conversations in smaller groups about different aspects of feminism in larp with other interested people.

Sat 13:00 – 14:45 Operetten 22/25


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